Take a rate, take a dialog!

Just made a small and quick component for Android.
It is a dialog that pop up after a certain number of day and app launches, to ask the user to rate the app in Google Play.
Eventually it can show a “More” button to display the other apps of the author in Google Play.



It is a subclass of DialogFragment and I also made a version with the Support Library (V4).

If you have any suggestions / opinions, please jot them down as comments in this post. 🙂

I tried to make this dialog to be easiest to use as possible.
So this post is also some sort of tutorial about using DialogFragment (or at least an attempt :-P).
It is open source, of course, with Apache License 2.0.

Please, use dialogs carefully, as they can worsen user experience.
Read this post of Juhani Lehtimäki for more.

In my opinion, a “rate me” feature can still be implemented in an app, as a part of an already existing view or existing dialog, as the About or the Changelog.
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